For the Database Agent to connect to and monitor the DB2 databases using Kerberos authentication, these settings are required:

  • Start the Database Agent using the"<path of the Kerberos configuration file>":

    nohup java"<path to Kerberos configuration file>"
  • In the CONNECTION DETAILS section of the Collector configuration dialog, specify Hostname or IP AddressDatabaseListener Port, and Custom JDBC Connection String with Kerberos details:

    jdbc:DB2:Tds:<hostname>:<portnum>?<Kerberos connection details>
  • In the ADVANCED OPTIONS section of the Collector configuration dialog, ensure to provide these details:

    • Select Kerberos.

    • Select Connection Properties, then specify these JDBC connection properties:

      Property NameProperty Value
      kerberosServerPrincipal<Specify the name of the Kerberos Principal>