The Mobile Agent uses configurable thresholds to set the severity level for application-not-responding (ANR) errors. The severity levels for ANRs are warning and critical, and these levels can be used to set health rules and receive alerts for health rule violations.

You can use Controller UI to configure thresholds for warning and critical severity levels. These thresholds will be propagated to the Mobile Agents without the need to redeploy the application.

Default Network Request Thresholds

The Mobile Agent uses the following default values to determine the severity level:

  • Warning: greater than 3000 ms
  • Critical: greater than 5000 ms

You should set custom thresholds best suited for your mobile applications. 

Configure Application Not Responding Thresholds

  1. From the Mobile App Group Configuration page, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the Configure Application Not Responding Thresholds section, set the thresholds for Warning Threshold and Critical Threshold in milliseconds.
  3. Click Save.