To enable Server Visibility, review these system requirements guidelines. 

System Requirements

Server Visibility requires a supported version of the Machine Agent to be installed on the monitored server. See Machine Agent Requirements and Supported Environments.

Server Visibility features are available for AIX, Linux, Windows, and Solaris. You need a Server Visibility license to enable and use Server Visibility features. Server Visibility is enabled by default on AppDynamics Controllers. You must explicitly enable Server Visibility on your Machine Agent to start sending the expanded set of Server Visibility metrics.

You can install and run Machine Agents on other supported platforms, however, Server Visibility features are not available. For OS platforms like AIX or HP-UX, AppDynamics recommends using the unbundled Machine Agent ZIP without the JRE.


  • Total number of Machine Agents and containers reporting to a single Controller is 30,000.
  • Total number of App Agents reporting to a single Controller is 100,000.
  • Monitored servers are considered stale 30 days after they go offline. They are purged from the Controller database when that time limit is reached.
  • Docker Visibility is supported on Linux only. 

Server Visibility on Windows

Review these notes:

  • It is good practice to check the server frequently to ensure that it has the latest Windows updates installed. WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) updates are especially important because the Agent uses WMI to collect Server Visibility metrics.
  • The monitored server should have at least four cores or multiple CPUs. WMI processes can be highly resource-intensive, especially on Windows Server 2012.
  • If you do not have a Server Visibility license, or to collect Basic metrics only, configure the Agent to use the JavaHardwareMonitor extension. Server Visibility should not be enabled on the Agent.
  • The Windows Machine Agent uses these extensions by default:
    • JavaHardwareMonitor (for Basic metrics)
    • ServerMonitoring (for Server Visibility metrics)
  • The HardwareMonitor extension is not recommended on Windows.
  • To enable Server Visibility on a Windows server with a .NET APM Agent installed, you must enable .NET Compatibility Mode on both the Controller and the Machine Agent.