AppDynamics integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure. AppDynamics offers visibility into .NET code execution and Microsoft Azure services out of the box, allowing you to troubleshoot performance bottlenecks and optimize the performance of your Microsoft Azure applications.

AppDynamics for Azure App Service

To install and deploy AppDynamics for Azure App Service:

AppDynamics for Azure Cloud Services and Azure Service Fabric

To install and deploy AppDynamics for Azure Service Fabric, see Install AppDynamics for Azure Service Fabric.

If you are instrumenting Cloud Services, see Install AppDynamics for Azure Cloud Services.

Upgrade the AppDynamics for Windows Azure NuGet Package

If you are currently using the AppDynamics.WindowsAzure NuGet Package, you will need to upgrade to a new NuGet package, depending on your Azure platform. See Upgrade AppDynamics.WindowsAzure NuGet Package.