Some MBean attributes contain sensitive information that you do not want the Java Agent to report. You can configure the Java Agent to exclude these attributes using the <exclude object-name> setting in the app-agent-config.xml file.

To exclude an MBean attribute:

  1. Open the AppServerAgent/conf/app-agent-config.xml file.
  2. The new configuration takes effect immediately if the agent-overwrite property is set to true in the app-agent-config.xml. If agent-overwrite is false, which is the default, then the new configuration will be ignored and you have to restart the agent. Set the property to true.

    <property name="agent-overwrite" value="true"/>


  3. Locate the JMXService section. It looks like this:

    <agent-service name="JMXService" enabled="true">


  4. In the JMXService <configuration> section add the <jmx-mbean-browser-excludes> section and the <exclude object-name> property as per the instructions in the comment.

           Use the below configuration sample to create rules to exclude MBean attributes from MBean Browser.
           <exclude object-name=<MBean name pattern> attributes=< * |comma separated list of attribute names> >
           The example below will exclude all attributes of MBeans that match "Catalina:*".
              <exclude object-name="Catalina:*" attributes="*"/>
  5. Save the file.