This page describes how AppDynamics monitors Internet Information Services (IIS). The AppDynamics .NET Agent includes the .NET Machine Agent that runs as part of the AppDynamics.Agent.Coordinator service. The .NET Machine Agent regularly gathers IIS performance data and reports it back to the Controller as metrics.

IIS Events

The .NET Machine Agent monitors IIS for shutdown and restart events:

  • The agent reports an App Server Restart event and indicates if the restart was graceful or not.
  • For non-graceful shutdown, the agent reports a CLR Crash if it detects one.

Default IIS Metrics for .NET

You must install IIS on the machine to view the metrics for IIS, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET applications. The .NET Machine Agent uses Microsoft Windows Performance Counters to gather IIS metrics. In the Controller, you can view preconfigured metrics for IIS in the Metric Browser.

IIS Metrics

From the Metric Browser:

  • To view the IIS metrics for a tier, expand Application Infrastructure Performance > <Tier> > IIS.
  • To View the IIS metrics for a node, expand Application Infrastructure Performance > <Tier> > Individual Nodes > <Node> > IIS.

AppDynamics reports each metric for the entire tier, each individual application pool, and each individual node as follows:

  • Application Infrastructure Performance > <Tier> > IIS = combined for all IIS processes in all Application Pools for this tier
  • Application Infrastructure Performance > <Tier> > Application Pools > <application pool name> = combined for all processes in this specific Application Pool
  • Application Infrastructure Performance > <Tier> > Individual Nodes > <Node> = metrics for the specific node

ASP.NET Metrics

To view the ASP.NET metrics in the Metric Browser, expand Application Infrastructure Performance > <Node> > ASP.NET.

AppDynamics reports these ASP.NET metrics:

  • Application Restarts
  • Applications Running
  • Requests Disconnected
  • Requests Queued
  • Requests Rejected
  • Request Wait Time
  • Worker Process Restarts

ASP.NET Application Metrics

To view the ASP.NET Application metrics in the Metric Browser, expand Application Infrastructure Performance > <Node> > ASP.NET Applications.

AppDynamics reports these ASP.NET Application metrics:

  • Anonymous Requests
  • Anonymous Requests/sec
  • Cache Total Entries
  • Cache Total Hit Ratio
  • Cache Total Turnover Rate
  • Cache API Entries
  • Cache API Hit Ratio
  • Cache API Turnover Rate
  • Errors Unhandled During Execution/sec
  • Errors Total/sec
  • Errors During Preprocessing
  • Errors During Compilation
  • Errors During Execution
  • Errors Unhandled During Execution
  • Errors Unhandled During Execution/sec
  • Errors Total
  • Errors Total/sec
  • Output Cache Entries
  • Output Cache Hit Ratio
  • Output Cache Turnover Rate
  • Pipeline Instance Count
  • Requests Executing
  • Requests Failed
  • Requests In Application Queue
  • Requests Not Found
  • Requests Not Authorized
  • Requests Succeeded
  • Requests Timed Out
  • Requests Total
  • Requests/sec
  • Session State Server Connections Total
  • Session SQL Server Connections Total
  • Sessions Active
  • Sessions Abandoned
  • Sessions Timed Out
  • Sessions Total
  • Transactions Aborted
  • Transactions Committed
  • Transactions Pending
  • Transactions Total
  • Transactions/sec

Monitor IIS Application Pools

You can monitor the health of IIS application pools for the instrumented .NET nodes in a tier. You can view the information by application pool, machine, and process IDs.

This view enables you to visualize key performance indicators for your infrastructure, such as node health and last CLR restart time.

To view the IIS application pools:

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Tiers & Nodes > Tier dashboard > Nodes tab.
  2. In the Show Data dropdown, select IIS App Pools.

If a machine or application pool name is not available for a .NET node, the .NET Agent creates the "Unknown App Pool" / "Unknown Machine" grouping.