There are two licensing models for AppDynamics products:

  • Infrastructure-based Licensing - new model launched February 23, 2021
  • Agent-based Licensing - original model

Infrastructure-based Licensing Model

The Infrastructure-based Licensing model offers license packages for Application Performance Monitoring (APM), End User Monitoring (EUM), Application Analytics, and security. Each package includes a combination of AppDynamics Agents and is based on a single metering unit: CPU Core. Because each agent can pull from a single metering unit, Infrastructure-based Licensing can support diverse applications and provide better license usage estimates. 

This table shows how licenses in the Infrastructure-based Licensing model bundle multiple AppDynamics products.

Monitoring TypesAppDynamics ProductInfrastructure-based Licensing Packages
EnterprisePremiumInfrastructure MonitoringReal User Monitoring PeakReal User Monitoring ProLog Analytics ProSecure Application
Application MonitoringApplication Performance Monitoring

Server Visibility

Network Visibility

Database Monitoring

Transaction Analytics

End User MonitoringReal User Monitoring (Browser and Mobile RUM)*

Real User Monitoring Analytics*

Log AnalyticsLog Analytics*

SecuritySecure Application*

*Real User Monitoring (and RUM Analytics), Log Analytics, and Secure Application licenses are available outside the Infrastructure-based Licensing Model.

Agent Version Recommendations

Machine Agent: All versions of the Machine Agent are compatible with Infrastructure-based Licensing packages, but we recommend Machine Agent >= 20.11 for better performance and accurate license counting. See Agent and Controller Compatibility for supported versions.

Database Agent: To monitor the databases concurrently, the Controller requires a license for the total number of databases. Though all the versions of the Database Agent are compatible, we recommend Database Agent >= 21.2 for Infrastructure-based Licensing packages. For Database Agent license details, see License Entitlements and Restrictions.

Controller UI for Observing Usage

If you have an Infrastructure-based Licensing license and Controller >= 21.2.0, you have a new UI to manage licenses in the Controller. See the Infrastructure-based Licensing tab on Observe License Usage.

Agent-based Licensing Model

If you purchased AppDynamics licenses before February 23, 2021, you most likely have licenses in the Agent-based Licensing model. Agent-based Licensing is the original model in which each AppDynamics agent is licensed and metered individually. For Agent-based Licensing license entitlements, restrictions, and definitions, see License Entitlements and Restrictions.

Controller UI for Observing Usage

If you have an Agent-based Licensing license, you have the original UI to manage licenses in the Controller. See the Agent-based Licensing tab on Observe License Usage.