To access Server Volumes Metrics, select AppDynamics Home > Servers > double-click server > Volumes.

From the Server Volumes tab, you can: 

  • View the list of volumes, the percentage used, and total storage space available on the disk, partition, or volume
  • View disk usage and I/O utilization, rate, operations per second, and wait time
  • Change the time period of the metrics collected and displayed
  • Click on any point on a chart to review the metric value for that time

The Machine Agent does not monitor Linux remote volumes. 

Server Volumes Metrics

Metrics in the Server Volumes Tab

For each selected disk, partition or volume, these columns are available for the Server Volumes panel. 

  • Disk Usage %: The percentage of storage space in use (To configure how this metric is calculated on Linux, see Configure Disk Usage Metric Collection on Linux).
  • I/O Utilization %The percentage of time spent performing read and write operations
  • I/O Rate readThe number of kilobytes per second of data reads
  • I/O Rate writeThe number of kilobytes per second of data writes
  • I/O Operations per sec read: The number of read operations per second
  • I/O Operations per sec write: The number of write operations per second
  • I/O Wait Time readThe percentage of time the CPU was waiting for read operations to complete
  • I/O Wait Time writeThe percentage of time the CPU was waiting for write operations to complete
  • Volume space metrics on POSIX systems are obtained using the "df" command. 
  • On Linux, the space reserved for root is not counted in the available space.