This page describes how to install the Machine Agent on 64-bit Solaris using the ZIP archive that includes JRE 1.8.

Adding the Machine Agent as a service is not supported on Solaris.

Install the Agent

  1. Before installing, see Install the Machine Agent.

  2. The Machine Agent on Solaris is supported only when you install it in Global zones.
  3. The Solaris agent requires that the nawk (new awk) utility is installed. Verify that the Solaris host has the nawk utility installed.
  4. Download one of the two installation Machine Agent Bundles for Solaris from the AppDynamics Download Site:
    • For Sparc machines: Machine - Agent Bundle - 64-bit
    • For x86 machine: Machine Agent Bundle - 64-bit
  5. Unzip the agent Zip bundle:

    unzip <> -d <machine_agent_home>

    where <machine_agent_home> is the install directory.

  6. Gather your configuration details and configure the agent by editing <machine_agent_home>/conf/controller-info.xml file or by adding system properties to the JVM startup script file. See Plan the Machine Agent Configuration.

    1. (Required) Configure the Controller host name, port number, and account access key.
    2. (Required for Multi-Tenant Mode or SaaS installations) Configure the Agent Account Information. See Multi-Tenant Controller Accounts.
    3. (Optional) Review memory requirements. See Machine Agent Requirements and Supported Environments.
    4. (Optional) Configure the agent to use SSL. See Enable SSL for Machine Agent.
    5. (Optional) Configure the agent to use proxy settings. See Machine Agent Configuration Properties.
    6. (Optional) Determine if you need to specify an application name and tier name. See .Solaris Install Using ZIP with Bundled JRE v21.1.
      However, if you are installing the Machine Agent on the same server with any APM app agent, do not specify the application name and tier name.
  7. Start the agent from the command line:

    % <machine_agent_home>/bin/machine-agent
  8. Verify that the Agent is reporting to the Controller.