Browser Synthetic On-Demand allows you to take quick snapshots of single pages whenever you wish. See Browser Synthetic Metrics.

Browser Synthetic On-Demand is only available on SaaS deployments of the Controller.

Create an On-Demand Snapshot

To create an on-demand session, click + Generate a Snapshot at the top of the On-Demand list page.

After the Generate a Synthetic Snapshot popup appears:

  1. Provide the URL of the page you wish to test.
  2. From the dropdown, select where the request should originate and which browser should be used.
  3. Click Generate Snapshot.
    Generate a Synthetic Snapshot

View On-Demand Snapshot Results

When the test completes, it is marked as Done in the Snapshot list. To see the detailed results, click the test. The Summary tab provides a waterfall of the page load and additional request details.  

Snapshot Summary

The Resource Details tab provides visualizations of Resources by Type and Domains Requested and a waterfall displaying the download of every resource. Click a waterfall bubble to see connection details. Domains Requested is also presented as a table.

Resource Details