This page describes data that ADQL captures in Analytics.

Analytics TypeDescription
Transaction AnalyticsTransaction Analytics is defined as event data collected by the Java and .NET Agents for every instance of a business transaction. Every instance of a business transaction that passes through a tier is defined as an event. You can view the raw data for any transaction instance that occurs within the data retention time. Transaction Analytics enables you to analyze the business impact of every event and observe how customers use your application.
Browser, Mobile, and IoT AnalyticsBrowser, Mobile, and IoT Analytics provide event data collected by the End User Monitoring (EUM) JavaScript Agent, Mobile, and IoT Monitoring SDKs.
Log AnalyticsLog Analytics provides event data collected from log files.
Synthetic Sessions AnalyticsSynthetic Sessions Analytics provides events data on sessions collected by Browser Synthetic Monitoring.

See AppDynamics Analytics Events API.