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This page lists the all the past AppDynamics UI Cloud enhancements since 20.2. 

20.11 Release

Service Endpoints

The Service Endpoints page includes these enhancements:

  • A new grid display is available that includes a total count of entries at the bottom right of the grid. This information was previously located below the Search text box.  
  • The top toolbar on the page includes buttons for: Details,   (Delete), ExcludeView ExcludedConfigure, and Filter (replacing the previous Actions sub-menu that included these buttons).
  • When you select the Filter icon, the Filter menu panel is overlaid on top of the grid on the left side of the page and includes additional filter options.

20.8 Release

Dash Studio

Version 20.8.1 – August 31, 2020


Data binding option allows you to filter the backend entities.


Data binding option allows you to filter the error entities.

20.7 Release

Dash Studio

There is no AppDynamics UI Cloud 20.7 release.

20.6 Release

Dash Studio

Version 20.6.1 – June 25, 2020 


This data binding option allows you to filter the entities by nodes and monitor the JMX metrics for the given set of nodes. 

20.5 Release

There is no AppDynamics UI Cloud 20.5 release.

20.4 Release

Dash Studio

Version 20.4.1 – June 2, 2020 

Import and Export

This capability lets you import and export dashboard content into your Dash Studio instance. See Visual Dashboard Editor for more information.

Pie Widget

This widget displays rolled up metric values for a given time range as a 'pie visualization'. See Dash Studio Widgets for more information.

Server Metrics

This data binding option, also known as the Server Infrastructure Monitoring (SIM) metrics, enables you to filter and create customized metrics for server monitoring. See Data Binding for more information.

Database Metrics

This data binding option enables you to filter and create customized metrics for database monitoring. See Data Binding for more information.

20.3 Release

There is no AppDynamics UI Cloud 20.3 release.

20.2 Release

Dash Studio

Version 20.2.2 – February 24, 2020

Dash Studio has been updated for SaaS customers via UI Cloud Release 20.2.2. In this release, the following have been added:

Image Widget

The Image Widget allows a dashboard editor to upload an image (in the JPEG, PNG, SVG, or other favorite formats) and display it on a dashboard in Dash Studio. Images can be directly uploaded from a computer or referenced with URL. As a nifty improvement on the legacy dashboards tool, uploaded files are automatically converted to Base64 encoding and stored securely. Image Widget will be made available to on-premises customers in Controller Release 20.4.0.

Widget-Specific Time Ranges

Widget-specific time ranges allow individual charts and other widget types to have a custom time range independent from the global dashboard time range. You can view charts side-by-side to compare different time periods. Widget-specific time ranges will be made available to on-premise customers in Controller Release 20.4.0. 

Version 20.2.1 – February 3, 2020

Health Widget

Health rules in Dash Studio come with more capabilities than ever before. The Health Status widget displays health information about specific entities known to AppDynamics or other business conditions of importance. Dash Studio provides the following five visualizations for health status:

  • Traffic Light that shows the worst health status of a group of selected entities
  • Donut
  • Ratio Bar
  • List
  • Ratio Bar with List

The Data Panel makes selecting entities easier and faster than before. Health Widget will be available to on-premises customers in the Controller Release, 20.4.0.