Due to AppDynamics' discontinued support of Android Studio >= 4.0, we no longer recommend using the Android Studio Plugin installation method as of May 2020 (when Android Studio 4.0 released). If you are using Android Studio >= 4.0, see Instrument an Android Application Manually for instructions on instrumentation in the Controller UI.

This page shows you how to use the AppDynamics Android Agent Installer plugin to instrument an app with the AppDynamics Android SDK. The instructions will include how to get the EUM App Key, install the plugin, and use the plugin to instrument the application.

Follow the steps below to get your EUM App Key and instrument your Android applications:

The plugin is recommended for initial basic instrumentation. If your app requires custom initialization or more advanced configuration, see Customize the Android Build and Customize the Android Instrumentation.

Check the Prerequisites

To use the plugin, you need the following:

If you are running an on-premises deployment, you will also need the URL to your EUM Server.

Get the EUM App Key

  1. From the top navigation bar of your Controller UI, go to User Experience >  Mobile Apps.
  2. Click Add App > Android to open the Getting Started Wizard - Android page.
  3. Click Android Studio Plugin.
  4. Select the Create a new Mobile App Group radio button, enter an application name, and click Continue.
  5. Copy the displayed App Key and the Collector URL.
  6. Follow the instructions in  Install and Run the AppDynamics Plugin.
  7. Keep the wizard open until the instrumentation has been verified in the wizard.