This topic covers Real User Monitoring licenses. A Real User Monitoring license allows for both Browser and Mobile RUM usage. For AppDynamics official license details, entitlements, and restrictions, see the following:

License Types

License TypeLicense EditionMetering UnitsDescription
Real User Monitoring (SaaS)Pro

Real User Monitoring (RUM) Tokens

One license unit provides 10 million RUM tokens. RUM Tokens are allocated to both browser and mobile application usage and act as a shared pool for both browser and mobile application license consumption. These tokens can be allocated to up to 10 million Pageviews for browser applications, and up to 62,500 Mobile Active Agents (MAAs) for mobile applications. 

A Pageview is a request to load a single web page, virtual page, or view of an Internet site. A Pageview can also equate stored raw Ajax and other events requests, such as Event Data. Every 5 requests stored count as one Pageview (for Real User Monitoring licenses only).

A Mobile Active Agent (MAA) is a device that is registered for active usage per month.

Real User Monitoring (On-prem)

RUM Usage Period

The Real User Monitoring license usage period is 12 months, even if you have a multi-year license. The RUM license meter resets every year based on the expiration of your license agreement. For example, if your license expires on 5/15/2020, your usage period resets every year on 5/15.

Optimize License Consumption for Browser RUM 

If the value of Pageviews is greater than Page Views Allocated and your license allows overages, you may be incurring overage charges. If you need to stop incurring overage charges, you can disable Browser RUM to stop EUM and Pageviews from being charged after a delay of approximately one minute.

Optimize License Consumption for Mobile RUM 

License consumption increases when you have one instrumented application installed on multiple devices, multiple applications on the same device, or uninstalls followed by reinstalls:

  • If you install one instrumented application on two devices within a month, this uses two Monthly Active Agents.

  • If you uninstall and later reinstall an instrumented application multiple times within a month, each reinstall uses one Monthly Active Agent.

  • If you install two different instrumented applications on the same device within a month, each instrumented application consumes one Monthly Active Agent for a total of 2 Monthly Active Agents.

Through SDKs, you can selectively instrument applications to indicate which agents send data. For further instructions, see the following: