This topic covers Browser Synthetic licenses. For AppDynamics official license details, entitlements, and restrictions, see the following:

License Types 

License TypeLicense EditionMetering UnitDescription
Synthetic Hosted AgentProSynthetic Time Blocks (STBs)

A Synthetic Hosted Agent license is based on Synthetic Time Blocks (STBs). One STB equals a 5-second block of time.

LiteA Lite Edition license allows 4,000 Synthetic Time Blocks (STBs) per month and only allows you to create on-demand jobs (for SaaS deployments only).
Synthetic Private AgentProPages × Locations

The Synthetic Private Agent (Pro) licensing is based on page counts and locations. License units are calculated by multiplying the number of visited pages by the number of locations (round-robin or not). For example, a synthetic job visiting two pages in three locations would use six license units.

Unlimited LocationsPagesThe Synthetic Private Agent (Unlimited Locations) license is based on the number of visited pages. For example, a synthetic job visiting two pages in three locations would simply use two license units.

License Usage Period 

The usage period begins and the meter resets on the first of each month at 12:00 am PST. 

Optimize License Consumption

To help you optimize the use of your Synthetic Agent license, keep the following in mind:

  • Synthetic jobs are measured in terms of the time it takes to actually run the test in our systems. Because it is not possible to know in advance how long a given test may take, you can set a timeout value when you create the job. If the job times out, you receive partial results. 

  • Once you have used up your monthly allotment, all synthetic jobs are paused until the following month.

  • If there is a problem accessing a site, such as receiving a 5xx error, the system automatically runs the job again. You are charged for these retests.

  • If you see a session with the status INTERNAL_ERROR, there is a problem with AppDynamics' infrastructure, and you will not be charged, even if the session contains partial results.

  • Adjusting synthetic job configurations, such as the number of browser types, frequency, and duration, may have an impact on license consumption. To gauge estimated consumption in the Controller, create a new job and see the section Set a Timeout (step 6).

  • Locations are user-defined. You can add multiple servers (agents) to a location to increase capacity, and this does not impact your license.