The Topology view displays current activity for the routing service and shards of a MongoDB database, Oracle RAC server or a custom cluster. The Topology view shows key performance metrics for the routing service and shards or nodes of the database. 

Access the Database Topology Window

To access the Database Topology Window

  1. To view a database's topology, click the name of the database.
  2. Click the Topology tab.

Features of the Database Topology Window

On the Database Topology window you can:

  • Select the Auto Refresh box. From the Every list, you can choose how often the system updates the live view.

  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the database Collector name at the top of the page to choose a node or cluster that you want to see the metric views for. You can either select the database Collector name from the list or search for the database Collector by entering text in the search bar and then clicking the refresh icon to show only database Collectors that meet those search criteria.

  • Hover over the sections of the trends to see their details.

  • Click a column title on the Topology name list to sort the topologies using that column as the sort key.

On the Topology window you can see the following information:

  • Health: Indicates whether any health rules for the routing service or shards of the replica set or nodes have been violated.
  • Role: The role performed by the shard. The routing service routes the queries to the shards to balance the load. The members or shards of the replica sets can have either primary or secondary shard role. 
  • Num Queries: The number of queries handled.
  • Queries Trend: The trend of queries handled over time.
  • Time in Database: The time required for the database to respond to the queries.
  • Time Spent in Database Trend: The trend of time spent in the database over time.

If you change the port number for a monitored database node, the Topology window shows a new node with the new port number, as well as the original node with the old port number. The original node remains in the Topology window for the duration of the retention period that you specify in Controller Settings.