This topic describes how to use the node reuse feature for the PHP Agent.

Reuse Node Name

This property is useful for monitoring environments where there are many VMs (Virtual Machines) with short life spans. When set to true, AppDynamics reuses the node names of historical VMs for new VMs. Therefore, this prevents the rapid increase of differently named nodes, especially when the nodes are identical processes that run over different times.

AppDynamics generates a node name with App, Tier, and Sequence number, and the node names are pooled. For example, the sequence numbers are reused when the nodes are purged (based on the node lifetime).

  1. Edit the PHP configuration file, php.ini or appdynamics_agent.ini depending on your environment.
  2. In the PHP configuration file, configure the following settings:


When the value of agent.nodeReuse is set to true, the agent uses reuse node name. The default value is false.


When you configure the agent to reuse node names, use the agent.nodeReusePrefix property to specify the prefix that the controller uses to generate node names dynamically.  

This setting is required when agent.nodeReuse is set to true

An example of the reuse node feature:

With the following configuration in the php.ini file, the Controller generates a node name with the prefix reportGen. Node names will have suffixes -1, -2, and so on, depending on the number of nodes are running in parallel. The name of a node that is shut down and qualifies as a historical node that may be reused by a new node. 

agent.nodeReuse=true agent.nodeReusePrefix=reportGen


When agent.nodeReuse and a node name is used, the agent.nodeReusePrefix property is given precedence.