This page describes how to manually launch the Java proxy for Node.js.

Upon startup, the Node.js Agent automatically executes the runproxy shell script, which starts the Java proxy. This process is suitable for most situations, but there are some cases where you may want to suppress automatic proxy startup and manually launch the proxy.

For example, you are using an external process manager or you are running a Node.js cluster on a machine and want to reduce overhead of multiple proxies. 

As the Node.js process owner, you will need to launch the proxy manually.

The following example configures the manual Java proxy launch: 

nohup /<application_root_dir>/node_modules/appdynamics-proxy/proxy/runProxy -j /<application_root_dir>/node_modules/appdynamics-jre/jre -- /tmp/appd/proxy_ctrl_dir /tmp/appd/logs & 

For the full description of the runProxy script syntax for PHP applications, see Start the PHP Agent Proxy Manually.