Machine Agents and Network Agents give you end-to-end visibility into the hardware and networks on which your applications run. These agents can help you identify and troubleshoot problems that can affect application performance such as server failures, JVM crashes, and network packet loss. 

You use the Machine Agent to collect basic hardware metrics. The functionality provided by the Machine Agent includes:

  • Reporting basic hardware metrics from the server OS, for example, %CPU and memory utilization, disk and network I/O
  • Reporting metrics passed to the Controller by extensions
  • Running remediation scripts to automate your runbook procedures. You can optionally configure the remediation action to require human approval before the script is started.
  • Running JVM Crash Guard to monitor JVM crashes and optionally run remediation scripts

If you have a Server Visibility license, the Machine Agent provides the following additional functionality:

  • Extended hardware metrics such as machine availability, disk/CPU/virtual-memory utilization, and process page faults 
  • Monitor internal or external HTTP and HTTPS services
  • Group servers together so that health rules can be applied to specific server groups
  • Define alerts that trigger when certain conditions are met or exceeded based on monitored server hardware metrics