IIB Agent Support

This topic provides information about the supported versions, operating systems, and node types of the IIB agent. The Appdynamics IIB agent supports the Linux and AIX operating systems.

Operating Systems

The IIB agent supports the following operating systems:

  • Linux x86-64
  • AIX v7.1 and v7.2

IIB Versions

The IIB Agent supports the following versions of IIB for the Linux and AIX operating systems:

Operating SystemIIB Version


(Any Linux distribution based on glibc 2.5 or higher)

  • IIB v9
  • IIB v10
  • ACE v11

AIX 7.1

(minimum patch level 7100-03-09-1717 or 7100-04-04-1717)

  • IIB v9
  • IIB v10
AIX 7.2
  • IIB v9
  • IIB v10
  • ACE v11 (requires ACE Fix Pack v11.0.0.9 or higher)

IIB Node Types

The agent can continue business transactions detected upstream at the following node types:

  • SOAPInput
  • HTTPInput
  • JMSInput
  • MQInput

The agent can detect and tag exit calls for downstream correlation at the following node types:

  • SOAPRequest
  • HTTPRequest
  • JMSOutput, JMSReply
  • MQOutput, MQReply

For MQ, we use the MQRFH2 message header to provide correlation. Any applications consuming MQ messages from IIB with the IIB agent must support the MQRFH2 header.

The agent can detect database backend calls for the following node types:

  • DatabaseRetrieve
  • DatabaseRoute

All nodes are represented within AppDynamics Business Transactions as Threads. You can view the per node timings in the tree view of the Business Transaction dashboard and in the transaction snapshots.