In AppDynamics, instrumentation refers to how app agents interact with your application software to gather performance data and report it back to the AppDynamics Controller. The first step to instrumenting your application is installing the app agents on the servers where the code runs.

App agents ship with default instrumentation settings that cover the most common types of application frameworks and programming patterns. If your requirements are more complex, you can customize the instrumentation behavior to suit your environment.

See Configure Instrumentation Overview for information on how AppDynamics applies instrumentation settings across your business application.

Access Instrumentation Settings

Navigate to Configuration > Instrumentation to customize the following:

Other Configuration Topics

In addition to the instrumentation configuration options covered in this topic, there are many other ways to customize AppDynamics for your environment. For more information on the items on the Configuration page, refer to the following topics:

If you have an End-User monitoring license, see the following topics for more information on User Experience App Integration: