This page describes the steps for configuring health rules using the health rule wizard. For more information on these settings, see Health Rules.


To create, edit, or delete health rules, you need the Configure Health Rules permission. For more information, refer to Application Permissions.

Health Rule Wizard Structure

The health rule wizard contains four panels:

  • Overview: Sets the health rule name, enabled status, the health rule schedule, evaluation period of the health rule data, and wait time post violation.
  • Affected Entities: Sets the entities evaluated by the health rule. The options presented vary according to the health rule type you have defined.
  • Critical Criteria: Sets the conditions, whether all or any of the conditions need to be true for a health rule violation to exist, and the evaluation scope—business transaction and node health policies defined at the tier level only—it also includes an expression builder to create complex expressions containing multiple metrics.
  • Warning Criteria: Settings are identical to Critical Criteria, but configured separately.

You can navigate among these panels using the Back and Next buttons at the bottom of each panel, or by clicking the panels in the wizard. 


You must configure the panels consecutively because the configuration of the health rule type determines the available affected entities in the Affected Entities panel and the available metrics in the Criteria panels.

Create and Configure a Health Rule

Use this process to create and configure a health rule:

  1. Create a health rule.
  2. Configure affected entities.
  3. Configure health rule evaluation criteria.
  4. Create and configure Conditions.