The purge clean up script ( is available from Enterprise Console version 4.5.17 or later.

To remove unused artifacts from a prior Enterprise Console installation, you can run a purge clean up script ( The script preserves any artifacts required to run and upgrade the components in your existing platform. 

  • The purge clean up script must be run with the same user who installed the Enterprise Console.
  • Verify that there are no jobs currently running from the Enterprise Console.

From the CLI:

  1. Use the plan command to show the purge script execution plan. 

    <platform-admin>/pa-purger/ plan

    The execution plan shows you the exact commands to run when you use the apply command.

  2. Use the apply command to run and apply the commands of the purge script execution plan. 

    <platform-admin>/pa-purger/ apply
  3. Restart the Enterprise Console. 

Old JREs that are not being used by any product services (Events Service or Controller) are cleared during the implementation of job upgrade-orcha which is ran when the Enterprise Console is upgraded. You can use the upgrade-orcha job on the adhoc basis to clean up old JREs.

./ upgrade-orcha
platform-admin cli upgrade-orcha