You can define the basic details like the name, description, and how often to evaluate the health rule in Step 5 of the Create New Health Rule wizard.

  1. Enter a name for your health rule.
  2. If you want to start evaluating the health rule, ensure that you select the Enabled checkbox.
  3. Optionally, describe the health rule.
  4. In the Wait Time After Violation field, enter the number of minutes to wait before publishing the violation event while the conditions found to violate a health rule continue.
    The configured actions initiate only after this time elapses. See Health Rule Wait Time After Violation.

  5. Click Save. The health rule displays in the Health Rules list.
    The evaluation of the health rule starts immediately. It takes a few minutes for a new health rule to associate with the entity or a group of entities before it appears on the list of health rules on the <entity> details page.

A health rule does not appear on the list of health rules on the <entity> details page if it is disabled.