You can link the actions you want to initiate in case of a health violation in Step 4 of the Create New Health Rule wizard. 

Ensure that you create an action before you link it to the health rule. See Create HTTP Request Action.

  1. Click +Add to link an action.
  2. In the HTTP Request section, select the action from the Action dropdown list.

    You must create an action before you link it to a health rule. If your action does not appear in the dropdown list, click Show more. Select an HTTP Action dialog box appears that lists all the actions you created. Use the Search option to search for an action.

    The Preview pane on the right displays mock data that the HTTP request contains. It does not display the request header; however, the actual request includes the header.

  3. From the Triggers dropdown list, select when to trigger the action. You can select multiple triggers (how many max and tips on when the user should use what trigger).
    The Settings pane displays the Request URL and Payload details.
  4. To link more actions to the health rule, click +Add. Repeat steps 2 to 3 to add triggers.
  5. Review your configuration and click Next.

Once you complete Step 4 in the Create New Health Rule wizard, proceed to Step 5, Define Health Rule Name and Evaluation Schedule.