You configure how to evaluate the health of a group of entity types based on the aggregated performance of a group of constituent entities. You define criteria to mark the parent entity type as unhealthy if the performance of certain entities exceeds or deteriorates from a number or a percentage you configure. You can define the criteria only if you configure a group of entity types (Health Rollup) to monitor in Step 1 of the Create New Health Rule wizard.

The health of the entity you select in Step 1 is monitored by default. If you want to monitor additional parent entities, configure the health evaluation criteria accordingly.

  1. (Optional) To define health evaluation criteria for the immediate parent of a select entity type:
    1. Select the Mark checkbox .
    2. Enter the least number or percentage of the entity types that must be unhealthy to mark the health rule as violating. See Health Rollup .

  2. Repeat steps 1a and 1b to add the evaluation criteria for the subsequent parent entity types. 
  3. Click Next.

Once you complete Step 3 in the Create New Health Rule wizard, proceed to Step 4, Configure Response Action.