An action is a predefined, reusable, automated response to a health violation. You can create an HTTP Request action as a response to the health violation. 

Actions are not tested automatically when you create them. You need to link them to a health rule to test them. AppDynamics Cloud does not track the responses received post the action execution. 

You can configure an action to execute any of the following triggers (health violation event) in a health rule:

  • Violation Started: Warning
  • Violation Started: Critical
  • Violation Upgraded: Warning to Critical
  • Violation Downgraded: Critical to Warning
  • Violation Continues: Warning
  • Violation Updated: Warning
  • Violation Continues: Critical
  • Violation Updated: Critical
  • Violation Ended: Critical to Normal
  • Violation Ended: Warning to Normal
  • Violation Cancelled: Warning
  • Violation Cancelled: Critical

View Action Details

To view a list of all the actions you have created along with the details, click Configure > HTTP Request Actions. You can search for a particular action using the search bar at the top.

Click the action name to view or modify the configuration details. To create a new action, click Create HTTP Request Action on the right panel. See Create HTTP Request Action.

HTTP Request Action