Redis®* Cache is an open-source and in-memory data store. You must add the Redis exporters to your deployment to view Redis Cache. See Configure Redis.

AppDynamics Cloud displays Redis entities on the Observe page. Metrics display for specific entity instances in the list and detail views.

Detail View 

Clicking an Instance Name displays the metric details for the selected cache. The detail view displays metrics, key performance indicators, and properties (attributes) that relate to the cache you selected.

Redis Cache Detail View

Metrics and Key Performance Indicators 

AppDynamics Cloud displays the following metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for cache list and detail views:

Display NameDescription
Commands Processed (Commands/Sec)The number of processed commands.
Connections Usage (Count)The number of max clients compared to connected clients.
Memory Details (MiB)The memory utilization in MiB for the dataset, lua, overhead, and scripts.
Memory FragmentationThe memory fragmentation ratio, which indicates if swapping is occurring on the given system.
Memory Usage (MiB)The memory utilization in MiB.
Connection Usage (KiB/Sec)The inbound and outbound connection usage in KiB per second.
Keyspace Info (Lookups/Sec)The rate of keyspace hits and misses per second.
Expired Keys (Keys/Sec)The rate of expired keys per second.
Evicted Keys (Keys/Sec)The rate of evicted keys per second.
Total Keys (Count)The total number of keys.
Slowlog Length (Count)The number of entries in the slowlog.
Connected Replica Lag (sec) (Primary only)The lag in seconds of connected replica.
Connected Replica Offset (Primary only)The offset of connected replica.
Last IO with Primary (sec) (Replica only)The time in seconds since the last IO with primary.
Primary Link Up (Replica only)Specifies if the link is up or down (0=down, 1=up).
Primary Sync in Progress (Replica only)Specifies if the sync is in progress (0=synced, 1=syncing).

Properties (Attributes)

Clicking an Instance Name displays the detail view with the Properties panel on the right.

AppDynamics Cloud displays the following properties for caches:



Instance NameThe pod name of the Redis instance.
Redis RoleThe Redis role (primary or replica).
Redis ModeThe Redis mode (standalone or cluster).
Redis VersionThe Redis version.
Kubernetes Cluster

The Kubernetes cluster name.

Kubernetes NamespaceThe Kubernetes namespace name.
Kubernetes StatefulSet NameThe Kubernetes statefulset name.

* Redis is a registered trademark of Redis Ltd. Any rights therein are reserved to Redis Ltd. Any use by AppDynamics and its affiliates (together, "AppDynamics") is for referential purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between Redis and AppDynamics.

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