AppDynamics Cloud collects data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and correlates that data with the underlying cloud infrastructure. Cloud monitoring does not require agent installation. Simply add a cloud connection to your cloud provider account and start monitoring.

AppDynamics Cloud links the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) within these models to the application flows that depend on them. This allows you to prioritize investigation and remediation of any infrastructure issues in the business context in which it is used. The Cloud Collector polls data from the cloud services every five minutes.

It may take between 5-10 minutes for the data to be polled before metrics are visible on the Observe page, list, and detail views.

Performance and Scaling Requirements 

For performance and scaling requirements, see Cloud Performance and Scaling.

Add a Cloud Connection

AppDynamics Cloud supports connecting multiple AWS accounts using one of these authentication methods:

Once you've added a cloud connection, you can validate that the entities are appearing under the Observe dashboard. See Observe AWS Infrastructure Entities.

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