This page provides information and instructions for administering Cloud Native Application Observability user accounts.

If this is your first time working with the Cloud Native Application Observability environment, see Get Started with Cloud Native Application Observability before continuing.

Cloud Native Application Observability Account Management Overview

You can administer all aspects of an Cloud Native Application Observability account exclusively through the Account Management Portal. There are no account administration options on the Cloud Native Application Observability Tenant UI.

This page focuses on the Cloud Native Application Observability-specific Account Overview page options. Review Global Account Administration for detailed explanations of additional page functions.

When you sign in to the Account Management Portal, it opens to the Account Overview page. Different functions are available according to your user type and role permissions. See Role Permissions Matrix

Tenant Access OptionsCloud Native Application Observability

Access a Cloud Tenant

You have access to any Cloud Tenant that displays on the Account Overview page or in your profile summary. 

Users must have a license for Cloud Native Application Observability Tenant access. When you assign a license to a non-administrative user, they become a License Admin. 
You can launch an available Cloud Tenant or view specific details in several ways: 

To find a specific Cloud Tenant, you can:

  • Click the NameONeor Expiration Date column heading to sort the list of Tenants.
  • Use SearchTwo to filter the list. 

To launch a Cloud Tenant, you can:

  • ClickExpand a License RowThree on the row of a select Tenant and click Launch AppDynamics.
  • Click ProfileFour and select a Cloud Tenant from your profile summary list, or select View All

Add Users

You must create users through the User Management page and give them Cloud Native Application Observability access. See Create and Manage a User.

Assign Cloud Tenants to Users

When Cisco AppDynamics deploys a new FSO Tenant in your environment, you must assign users to it through the Accounts Management Portal before they can access it. Likewise, when you create a new user, you can assign them to one or more licensed tenants.

  1. Navigate to Access Management > User Management.
  2. Select a user and click Edit.
  3. From the FSO Tenant Access panel, click Add FSO Tenant & Role.

  4. From the Assign FSO tenant dialog, select a tenant to grant access to the user.
  5. Click Save.