The following page covers the license management for customers of Cisco Cloud Observability who are using the legacy AppDynamics Cloud licensing. Customers who started using Cisco Cloud Observability after June 30, 2023, see Manage Tenant Licenses.

This page provides information about Cisco Cloud Observability license details.

Cisco Cloud Observability uses a Token-based Ingestion model. With token-based ingestion, each license has a pool of tokens per license unit that allows you to monitor and consume licenses according to your data ingestion. 

You must have the Company Admin or License Admin role to view the License Management page.

Navigation Overview

Navigate to Entitlements > License Management to view license usage information for the current or specified usage cycle.

  • License Usage—summarizes usage within a spcified anniversary periodLicense Usage.
  • License Identifier—provides a  Observability Platform tenant License IDLicense ID.
  • License Usage Period—provides the Observability Platform tenant Anniversary PeriodLicense Usage Period.
  • Search—lets you search for a Observability Platform tenant NameSearch.

The License Management UI provides a list of all the Observability Platform tenants associated with your account. You can hover over the Observability Platform tenant License Usage data to view the percentage of total tokens spent for the usage period. Drill down into the Observability Platform tenant for detailed usage information.

  • Click certain column headings with Sort DescendingSort Ascending to sort the list according to that column.
  • ClickInformation(where available) to display information about the corresponding data.

Cloud License Management Summary

Access License Usage Detail

You can view the details of Cisco Cloud Observability license usage on individual Tenants. Cisco AppDynamics captures usage data in five-minute intervals and aggregates it into larger intervals.