This page provides an overview of permissions for databases in Cisco AppDynamics.

You can set database permissions for custom roles from the Databases page in the Controller Tenant Administration UI. See Manage Custom Roles for Cisco AppDynamics.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Administration > Roles
  2. Select a non-default role.
  3. Select the Databases tab.
  4. Mark the View checkbox to view metrics associated with database collectors. You can also configure database collector permissions for custom roles.

For each custom role, you can select which databases the user can view, edit, or delete, and you can enable permissions globally to configure and create database collectors.

PermissionActivities EnabledMore Information
Can Configure CollectorsConfigure baselines, wait state filtering, and custom metrics, as well as activate or deactivate the masking of query literals.

Discover Normal Database and Server Activity

Wait State Filtering

Configure Custom Metrics

Configuring Query Literals Security

Can Create CollectorsCreate database collectors for any database.Add Database Collectors
ViewView all existing and new database collectors, and therefore the metrics for the databases associated with those collectors.Database Dashboard
EditEdit database collector fields for any database.Add Database Collectors
DeleteDelete database collectors for any database.Add Database Collectors 

Global Permissions

Global PermissionsOne apply to all databases and override custom permissions. To restrict permissions on certain databases, uncheck global permissions and check the appropriate permission on specific databases.

In this example, the MYSQL databaseTwo, although unchecked, has view permission because the global view permission setting is overriding it.

Database Permissions