The following concepts are central to Network Visibility:

  • Network Visibility can identify two types of performance bottlenecks: network-performance bottlenecks and app/network-interaction bottlenecks (i.e., issues in the way that an application tier or node uses network resources).
  • The Network Dashboard shows the network-level view of a monitored application. You can quickly identify network elements with performance issues (red/yellow links or tiers), view Key Performance Indicators for each network element, and troubleshoot individual elements (right-click on an element and choose View Metrics).
  • Network agents can detect load balancers and TCP endpoints, which appear in network flow maps (but not application flow maps) and sometimes act as traffic sources and destinations.
  • Network Visibility can collect metrics for individual application flows, TCP connections, and network links.
  • To support in-depth troubleshooting, you can configure network agents to collect detailed diagnostic metrics for nodes and connections with performance issues.