You can view basic machine metrics in the following locations. These do not require Server Visibility to be enabled.

  • Metric Browser – Go to Application Infrastructure PerformanceHardware Resources
  • Node page > Server tab – Go to Tiers & Nodes, select the node of interest, and go to the Server tab.
  • Custom Dashboards – To add CPU metrics to your Custom Dashboard, add the metrics for any node on your target machine. Metrics collected for a node associated with the machine agent are for the server hosting that node. Any machine metrics collected will be the same for nodes that are on the same machine.

Server Visibility provides additional metrics and pages for viewing basic and server metrics. See Monitor Your Servers Using Server Visibility.

Hardware Resources Metrics describes metrics collected by the Machine Agent.

Customize Default Metrics

Enable collection of metrics for virtual disks and external network traffic.

Add Custom Metrics

You can add script-based and Java-based custom monitoring extensions to collect additional metrics. For example, the ehCache monitoring extension available from AppDynamics Exchange can collect metrics to monitor Ehcache performance. The metrics appear in Application Infrastructure Performance | Custom Metrics section of the Metric Browser and can be used on custom dashboards.

You can also send metrics to the Machine Agent using the HTTP listener 

For a more complete discussion of adding custom metrics, see Extensions and Custom Metrics.