AppDynamics hosts a Geo Server that resolves the user's geographic location based on the request's reported IP address. You may prefer to host your own Geo Server if:

  • You have intranet applications where the public IP address does not provide meaningful location information but the user's private IP does.
  • You have a hybrid application where some users access the application from a private location and some access it from a public one. If a user doesn't come from a specific private IP range mapped by the custom geo server, the system can be set to default to the public Geo Server.

The custom Geo Server supports an HTTP header, AD-X-Forwarded-For. You can use this to declare an IP address specifically for the purpose of geo resolution. As of version 4.2, the custom Geo Server also supports modifying the JavaScript Agent itself to specify a particular IP or location. Custom Geo Server also supports the HTTP header X-Real-IP.

See Install and Host a Custom Geo Server for Browser RUM for more information on setting up your own Geo Server and private IP mapping file.

The AppDynamics Geo Server requires JDK 7 or higher.