You can configure parameters for the controller, such as the number of events sent to the Events Service at a time.

To Change the Controller Settings for Database Agents

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.

  2. Click Controller Settings.
  3. Change the settings as needed and Save

Controller Settings Reference for Database Agents 

Property NameAbout the propertyDefaultMinimum value
dbmon.event.publisher.esclient.batch.sizeBatch size for each Event Service client used by Database Monitoring.


dbmon.event.publisher.queue.sizeMaximum measurement queue size maintained by Database Monitoring.100000100000 of days to retain database monitoring data (queries, clients, users, sessions, schemas) excluding the current day. Data reported before the retention period might be unrecoverable, even for a momentary update of this property.101
dbmon.config.max.custommetric propertyNumber of custom metrics that can be created per collector.200