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For the PHP Agent there is an agent log and a proxy log for each instrumented application.

Agent Log

The agent log is located at $<php_agent_install>/logs/agent.log. The log contains the transactions that the agent processes and then sends to the proxy.

The default pattern for agent log naming is the following:

  • agent.log: the current log
  • agent.log.1: most recent log
  • agent.log.2: second most recent log
  • agent.log.3: third most recent log
  • agent.log.4: fourth most recent log
  • agent.log.5: fifth recent log.

The agent creates and rotates a maximum of six log files. Maximum log size is 20MB, which gives you a maximum of the most recent 120MB of log data at one time.

Proxy Log

The proxy log is located $<php_agent_install>/logs/proxy_$date.log. This log contains the transactions that the proxy accepts from the agent and then sends to the Controller. See Proxy Logging for details.