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This topic describes how to install and start using the app server agent for Go applications.

About Go Support

AppDynamics can monitor applications that have been created with Go SDK. 

The AppDynamics Go SDK can:

  • Trace transactions through Go tiers
  • Surface Go runtime errors
  • Report backend calls made by Go services  

Once the agent connects to the Controller, you can see flow maps, key performance indicators, errors and other information for the Go tier.   

To instrument, use the AppDynamics Go SDK, as described in the following topics. 

Go SDK Supported Platforms

Operating Systems

  • Any Linux distribution based on glibc 2.5+
  • Mac OS X 10.8+

Install the AppDynamics Go SDK

To install the SDK follow these steps:

  1. Download the Go SDK distribution. See Download AppDynamics Software
  2. Extract the Go SDK ZIP into the Go workspace. 

When finished installing the Go SDK, you are ready to instrument your Go application using the API.


The Go SDK uses cGo in the background. In Go, when you are calling out to C/C++, the code converts the current goroutine to an OS thread. This is a limitation of the runtime itself, not of the Go SDK agent that we provide. However, it means that if you are running the agent with many Go routines and make Go SDK calls within the Go routines in your application code, there may be a risk of reaching the OS thread limit. Contact support if you encounter this limitation.