The Apache agent generates two types of logs: the agent log and the proxy log, as described here. 

Agent Log

The log contains information about the transactions that the agent processes and sends to the proxy.

The log is located at $<apache_agent_install>/logs/agent.log. By default this is /opt/appdynamics-sdk-native/logs/agent.log

The default pattern for agent log naming is the following:

  • agent.log: the current log
  • agent.log.1: most recent log
  • agent.log.2: second most recent log
  • agent.log.3: third most recent log
  • agent.log.4: fourth most recent log
  • agent.log.5: fifth recent log.

The agent creates and rotates a maximum of six log files. Maximum log size is 20MB, which gives you a maximum of the most recent 120MB of log data at one time.

Proxy Log

The proxy log contains information about the transactions between the proxy and the Controller. 

The proxy log is located at $<apache_agent_install>/logs/proxy_$date.log

See Dynamic Agent Proxy Logging for details.