Proxy logs are created for app server agents that use the Dynamic Agent Proxy to communicate with the Controller.

The PHP Agent, Node.js Agent (Java proxy mode), Python Agent, and the Web Server Agent generate logs for the Dynamic Agent Proxy. The logs determine why snapshots are not being taken and diagnose communication issues with the Controller.

The proxy logs consist of a top-level file named proxyCoreYear_mon_day_hr_min.#.log and files named proxyYear_mon_day_hr_min.#.log, where # is the log set. See Agent Log Files for information about how the logs are organized into sets that roll over.

See agent-specific logging documentation for information about the location of the proxy log associated with a specific agent.

Other logs associated with each proxy log include:

  • Bytecode Transformer log
  • REST log
  • Dynamic Services (used internally for debugging) log

Each proxy log has a maximum size of five MB. 

Allowing for the possibility of several restarts and all the possible logs that could be generated (Proxy, BytecodeTransformer, REST and Dynamic Services), the maximum number of logs is 20 files (four log files times five sets). The maximum size is 100MB per set.