The REST log contains information about the AppDynamics agent and Controller communication. The log contains request and response payload data between the agent and the Controller, and the raw details of communications between the agent and the Controller. By default, the REST log contains INFO level logging for all registration requests up to a limit of one MB every five minutes.

You can use this log to troubleshoot issues with detecting and reporting business transactions, backends, events, and metric reporting.

The communication between the agent and controller consists of the following:

  • Configuration data
  • Node identification
  • Machine registration
  • Business transaction registration
  • Metric registration
  • Event registration
  • Snapshot capture/upload to controller database
  • Metric data upload to controller database
  • Event data upload to the Controller database
  • Output from Logging Session requests

The naming convention for the REST log is REST.<timestamp>.#.log where # is the set.

See Agent Log Files for information about the structure of the log files into sets that roll over.

Within a set, a REST log file can reach a maximum of 5MB.